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KLR Generators
KLR Generators Technical Specifications of Silent D G Sets

Engine (Ashok Leyland)
Naturally Aspirated/Turbocharged/Liquid cooled Diesel Engines conforming to IS - 10001/10002/BS 5514/ISO 3046. Air Cleaner, Diesel Filter, Oil Filter, Exhaust Silencer, Instrument Panel with safeties and tripping for engine faults.

Alternator (Kirloskar/Crompton/ELGI/Stamford etc.)
220V-1ph AC (Upto 30 KVA), 415-3ph AC, 0.8 p.f. 50 Hz, Screen Protected Drip Proof, Self Excited, Self Regulated continuous duty, IP 21 confirming to IS 4722/IS 13364.

Control Panel
Inbuilt Standard control panel 220 V, 1Ph (up to 30 kva)/415V, 3ph 0.8 p.f., 50 Hz type powder coated panel with necessary Inbuilt gear like Volt Meter with Selector switch, Ammeter with Selector switch, Frequency meter, MCB/MCCB, For above 125 KVA DG set KW and KWH meter, Indicating lamps, DG ON and OFF etc. Any other items can be provided on request.

Inbuilt fuel tank with necessary fittings, Battery with leads etc.

Technical Data

Product innovation is continuous process, hence data given is subject to change without any notice, approximate fuel consumption at 75% load.


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